Disconnect to Reconnect.. a year long photography project

Mental Health still holds a massive stigma, not enough people talk about it, open up about their feelings. 1 in 4 of us will suffer, everyone is connected to someone with mental health issues. We need to speak openly and support each other, this silence is killing loved ones everyday.

I took my first picture on my phone, at Sea Palling on 2nd January. I was amazed at the natural colours that were right in front of me. Norfolk, and our world, is a beautiful place. I felt calm, and ready to take on the new year. I decided to treat myself to a good camera and start to look at my natural environment through the winter. I watched the time the sun set, and where it set. I found myself reconnecting with nature. It gave me a purpose in those usual dark months. When the summer came I felt a lot more positive and decided to make my photos into a mental health blog calendar.  I have used no filters, or photoshop.. the colours are real life. Society is so caught up with social media and the internet, we do not connect with each other or with nature. Look up, turn your phone off, catch the sunset. You think you’re connecting but you’re not connecting with real life. So my message is to Get off your phones and social media and look up at the beauty around you.

This calendar is about opening up and sharing my mental health journey with people, each month has a small paragraph on how I was healing and how nature helped me. Also what time the sun set and how many hours sunlight. All photos are from Norwich and North Norfolk.

I will be releasing the calendar on Monday 10th October  World Mental Health day. All proceeds will be going to Mind The Gap. Details of where to purchase will follow.