Who We Are

Mind The Gap describes itself as a Community Music Group, which means we consider all those who take part in our activities as our members. We are professional musicians, music tutors, keen amateurs and beginners. Our valuable volunteers and tutors support both individual learning and group practice sessions, in a wide range of musical styles.

We love it when people bring along their own instruments, but we do have a huge cupboard full of plenty more, many of which were kindly donated to us. So if you want to have a go at learning something new, or re-engage with an old favourite, we might have what you don’t! We also encourage singers, especially those yet to find their voice; get behind the microphone and see what you have to say.

Our members include people with a variety of backgrounds. Some of us have, or have had in the past, difficulties with maintaining mental wellbeing, or simply find everyday life a bit of a chore. We encourage each other to get through those inevitable down times, and believe passionately that by making music together, we can build relationships based on mutual regard as well as shared enjoyment, which will help us all survive and thrive.

Mind The Gap is a member of Equal Lives, and Plug Studios (where we usually meet) is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us in advance if you would like to check out what the facilities are.

Mind The Gap:

• Empowers and promotes wellbeing for adults and teenagers with mental health issues through music and film
• Serves as an open, inclusive social group that allows fellow musicians and non-musicians to come together, building social confidence through music
• Provides opportunities to learn instruments, write songs, form bands, perform and record
• Provides support with everyday life issues, sign posting to appropriate organisations
• Empowers people to speak openly about their own mental health experiences, to share and change attitudes of the general public
• Creates a community music orientated group that is open to all