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Since March 2020, we have had to cancel our usual Wednesday drop-in afternoons, the core activity of our group. However, making what we can of the restrictions, we are instead offering a number of ways to engage with Mind The Gap until we can return to our beloved Plug Studios.

We can deliver food parcels from the NR2 Foodbank. See Useful Resources for details.

MTG – The Covid Sessions
Ways to connect

If you want to know more, get in touch with us, or see our Facebook page posts
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#Stay Safe Stay Sane

A Facebook group for mutual support, sharing our feelings, our photos, and helpful information. A safe space to share creativity, and connect. We encourage people to post pics, music, poems, art, anything you do to stay sane.

Monday Brunch

Come to a social hour (or two), from 12 noon on Zoom. A support group for anyone suffering with mental health issues, giving us a chance to chat and connect. All welcome.

Wednesday Music Quiz:
Name That Tune!

Sue sets the questions, Criss keeps the scores. Meet at 2pm, on Zoom. Featuring a special mastermind hot seat round for one lucky person!

Wednesday meet up (not at present)

When the weather and Government rules allowed us to, we were meeting near Cow Tower for an open air practice and sing along. As soon as the season and the rules let us, we’ll certainly be doing this again, as it was lovely to be able to see happy faces from passers-by as they were treated to our melodies. Sociable whilst social distancing 🙂

Thursday meet up (not at present)

Temporarily paused at the moment, once the restrictions allow we hope to resume the Thursday meet ups at Silver Road community centre, which were really helpful for the wellbeing of all of us here at Gap.
Through most of November and December 2020, from 2-4pm, we made joyful sounds together whist following Government guidelines on gatherings (at the time these were “Support groups that have to be delivered in person can continue with up to 15 participants where formally organised to provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support – but they must take place at a premises other than a private home.” We’ll keep our fingers crossed that similar permissions are granted again, once it is safe for us to do so!)