Hellesdon Summer Fete

Hellesdon  Summer Fete was a great success, with over 20 musicians playing in 8 different bands. Everyone performed well, and most off all enjoyed themselves.  Our next performance will be Disability Pride on Sunday 16th September.  Details to follow.


Radio Norfolk Volunteer of the Year

We have been entered into Volunteer of the Year, a radio Norfolk competition. Myself, Phil, our volunteer, and Clayton one of our members got to talk about Mind The Gap and how important it is to him.  We on at 1:35 hrs in.  Give it a listen.  We’ve been asked to write a country and western song and Keith will play it.  Thats a great challenge!!

radio norfolk




Gap News

Apologies for a lack of updates, I lost my mum in November, and everything went very dark.  We’ve been running self funded since February and have over 30 members! We have all been super busy getting ready for our summer performance at Hellesdon Hospital on Sat 14th July.   Come along and support us  we will be playing at one.  A few country numbers as well. yeee haaaawwww!!!36227216_227985107812533_7735131865534693376_n

Disconnect & Reconnect 2018

After the success of last years calendar I have produced one more.  We raised £!,500 last year and hope to do the same this year as we are now self funded.

As I suffer from SAD and anxiety, I decided two years ago to start taking sunset photos.  I loved the way it calmed me down and gave me some peace.  I believe we all need to get off our phones and screens and take a look up at the sky, and the beauty of nature around us. Disconnect from the internet and reconnect with nature.  As well as sunset photos from Norfolk each month has a small blog about my mental health and coping strategies that I use throughout the year. The Calendar is £10.00 and available directly from me, via Mind The Gap Facebook page or from Norwich Arts Centre.  We will be selling them at our gig this week 19th October at the Owl Sanctuary Norwich.


One of our members Billy has just released his first EP Luminary.  He had produced and written all the songs himself.  Please listen and share.  Billy has an amazing voice, and his words are deep and reach your heart.  Well Done Bill ! This is fantastic.


We’ve had an amazing time this year.  And were finishing it off performing punk rock christmas carols in Norwich City Centre.  With our friends The Common Lot , we will be performing our version of original carols starting this Saturday 10th December.  We will be somewhere in the city, hopefully your’ll be able to hear us!  Next confirmed dates are 14th December supporting a theatre company at Norwich Arts Centre, 15th December late night shopping, and the 17th and 18th.